iPhone notifications by location

I have multiple locations and would like to get an iPhone notification (or alert) from only two of them. I’ve been searching but couldn’t find a way.

Does anyone know if there is a way to do this?

Thank you!

Hi @biank64. What specific notifications are you referring to?

Hi @Justin_Ring, thanks for your reply.

I’m looking for a way to see if there’s a way to have a different ringtone for each sensor (doors, windows, etc) from a specific location. I have ring devices for personal and business but only wanted to get a notification from my business location.

is this possible?

Thank you again for your help on this!!

Hi @biank64. If you’re talking about push notifications to your phone when a Contact Sensor is opened or closed, there isn’t a way to set different alert tones for individual Contact Sensors. You have the ability to turn off the push notification for when a specific Sensor is opened or closed, but not change the alert tone. You’re welcome to add this idea to our Feature Request board, which we use to share new ideas with our teams here.

Thank you and yes, I’ll add it to the Feature Request board. Thank you again!

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