[iPhone] Critical Alerts While Using Schedules

I currently have Critical Alerts enabled on iPhone. I have read https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/360039406772-Getting-Emergency-Alerts-in-Do-Not-Disturb-Mode but it does not mention if the critical alerts go through even when a schedule is active.

I am getting my critical alerts even during motion snooze/scheduling times where I would not expect to receive them. Is this intended, and if so, could that information be added to the article?

Hi @hunoz. Critical Alerts are for the Ring Alarm System and will notify you of the following three events, regardless of any snoozes or schedules that are enabled:

  • Ring Alarm Alarming
  • Low Temp Detected
  • Water Detected

I hope this clarifies things up for you.

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