iphone 7 doorbell volume low

Hi, have a newer iphone 7 and a newly installed ring doorbell. When trying to talk to the person at the door they cannot hear you. Anyone else have this problem and how do you fix it??? Tried contacting Ring support which was joke, they were of no help even after requesting access to my doorbell and sending a video link. Thank You!

Sorry to hear about your experience @sunny19! If you are unable to hear audio from the Doorbell when talking through the app on your phone, please ensure you are enabling the two way talk via the green answer button on a live video stream, as well as the speaker icon is not muted once two way talk is initiated.

If you are already doing this, check that bluetooth is off and other apps are closed on the mobile device, to see if that improves audio. Uninstalling and reinstalling is another great step to be sure you are getting optimal performance out of everything. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile: