Ipad pro and general app performance live view

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As you’ve probably discovered… if you have Ring products, dealing with Internet issues can be a very frustrating, time-consuming, and/or expensive ordeal. (If you glance at the posts on this website, you’ll notice that connectivity problems seem to be very common.)

Have you read the following Ring article regarding RSSI values?

Have you also read this article?

In the first article, you’ll see that an RSSI of:
-65 to -41 is sufficient. Possible video issues if constantly at -60.
-40 or better is virtually no interference and a very strong signal.

In other words, according to this article, your RSSI values are “sufficient”, rather than “great”.


  • Are you using a VPN?
  • If you use the Rapid Ring app (instead of the Ring app) for Live view… do you still experience the same problems?

Network Equipment:

  • Unfortunately, in my experience, Ring products require higher Internet speeds and more impressive, powerful, up-to-date network equipment than you would expect.
  • Do ISP Internet Tech Support reps detect any speed and/or connectivity issues from their end?

iPad Pro:

  • Are you able to stream non-Ring video via WiFi without any problems?
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