IPad App issue

Every time I go to clear out my history, I’m getting this message on my iPad. It started in the past few weeks and does not occur on my iPhone. I’m am able to delete old items, and have no issues with my household WiFi. I’ve uninstalled & reinstalled the app & the only thing that did was make me unable to edit the icons on my dashboard. There seems to be a bug…

Hi @Oklawc. Is your iPad running on the latest IOS? Does this only happen on wifi? If you have a VPN active, try disabling it, as it may be conflicting with the Ring app. Also make sure that your location is turned on to ensure your iPad is able to properly interact with the Ring app. Let me know if those making those changes improves your Ring app function!

IOS is up to date. No VPN. location is always on. My iPad only functions on WiFi. It is not cellular enabled. The issue is still occurring.

I am having a similar issue with my iPhone and seems like someone with a Samsung is also experiencing the “not connected” issue (here: Phone not connecting message - #2 by lesismorelrb).