iOS v 5.22.2 bug has killed my stick up cam

Since the 5.22.2 update to the iOS app I am unable to turn on motion recording on my Stick Up Cam. I turned it off for privacy while I was in the monitored area. Now motion recording can’t be turned back on. If you try to do so the app takes you to the motion detection zone screen but only for less than a second. Then it goes back to the main setting screen. No way to turn motion recording on.

Please update again and restore functionality. Otherwise this camera is completely useless.

Hey @idontwanttoregister, could you possibly delete the app and redownload the app? If you can, make sure you remove the Ring app from your device, reboot your phone (turn it off/on), and then reinstall the app. Once you’ve done this, try to turn on the motion recording toggle by following these steps:

  • Open the Ring app and go to the main menu

  • Select devices and then your Stick Up Cam

  • From there, please select the toggle to “Record Motion” at the top right

You will need to make sure your device is online with a good connection! Let me know how this goes. :slight_smile:

No luck. I followed the instructions and got exactly the same result. When I try to toggle “Record Motion” back on, the screen wipes left to display the Motion Detection screen (with all zones off). But before I can do anything on that screen it moves off to the right and again displays the main settings screen.

Both my Stick Up Cam and my Doorbell have very good wifi connections.

@idontwanttoregister Thanks for getting back to me on this! Do you have another device you could try doing this from, such as a tablet or another phone you can log into the Ring app at? If you do not or the concern still persists on another device, then please reach out to our support team here.

I just spoke with telephone support at Ring. She had me download the Rapid Ring app but that did not work either. Then she told me that the firmware for my Stick Up Cam needs to be updated, and that update is being pushed out over the next few days. I am supposed to wait until Monday 1/27/2020 to try turning on motion recording again. In the meantime she suggests that I use the Rapid Ring app rather than the Ring app. So I suspect the problem is actually in the Ring app (as I alleged) and I will have to wait for that to be updated on my iPhone.

I’ll wait until Monday and try again, unless I see the Ring app updated on my phone before then.