iOS - Ring Peephole - Motion Alert keeps turning off

I noticed that the motion alert inside my iOS app keeps turning off.

Once i turn it back on, and force close the app. I go back to the app and its off again.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?


I have the latest iOS Ring app from the app store.

I have re-setup my ring device twice = same issue.

I’m thinking of setting up a new account all together (have not done yet)


Same exact issue here. Have turned it back on, works for a couple of hours. Go back in and randomly turns itself off


Thank you for sharing your experience neighbors! The first best step to resolve this concern would be to uninstall and reinstall the Ring application on your mobile device. Please also check that your mobile device is up to date and it’s notification settings are allowing for the Ring app to notify.

If this Motion Alerts toggle in the Ring app is continuing to toggle off, please attach a screen recording to your response. This screen recording should show the Motion Alerts toggle being on, the forced closing of the Ring app, and the reopening of the app to see the toggle in the off position. We’ve shared your feedback with the team and any further details will help us while we investigate further. Thank you!

As advised, removed the app and downloaded again. I tried uploading a screen recording (mp4 - iOS), says invalid type (extension). Anywhere else I could send this?

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Try 3

I have redownloaded the ios app. And still the same issue. However, just to note, i am still getting motion alerts even if this bug is present. So i think this is more of a UI issue.

I have attached the video to my google drive since there is a 10MB limit for zip files. Feel free to access the file.

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Unfortunately unlike the other user, I am not getting alerts after random times. Sometimes works for a few hours with no issue. Sometimes as short as 30 min and no more alerts (even when I open the door and walk out)


I am also getting the same issue with my iphone 6 plus? The motion alert keeps turning off after closing the app. And yes I did the troubleshooting and everything, turned it off logged off the whole nine, made sure do not disturb was off & everything. Any word on the community manager? It would be nice if he lets everyone here know how to fix it

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A couple of us have the same issue, wondering if you had a solution since you haven’t replied

I think they are on holiday vacation… so no reply yet.

Btw, just to add, the app and my ring works perfectly fine on my Android Pixel phone.

iOS ring app still buggy with motion alert notification setting.

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Yeah I figure they are still on vacation. Work around it is just to keep the app open and dont close it. And yeah, on my andriod tablet it works like a charm but really need it on my iphone for when im away from the house, you know?

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So far nothing on my side since the initial reply of reinstalling the app. Hope this does get resolved, the whole point of having it is to let me know when someone comes on to my porch. Looking at ordering a couple more cameras but won’t until this is resolved.


I did the same thing and have the same issue, I think it’s a defect and should be recalled

Uninstalling and reinstalling does not work, it’s a defect in the system, it should be recalled. We need a real fix, motion alerts keep turning itself off ; this is a safety concern

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I can’t believe it I also have the same problem here, They need to work out the bugs and make a permanent fix

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The iOS app has some software issues, they will probably never update or fix it because they don’t care about their customers; and they will give us a lame excuse as long as there’s a lot of Samsung owners with their android app working fine

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I too am having this issue with the ring door view cam/peephole and the iOS app. I got this for Christmas and the motion alterations hasn’t worked properly ever. It randomly shuts off in the app and I have to constantly go into the app and turn it back on… maybe like every couple of hours. It’s annoying and inconvenient and defeats the whole purpose of having this. If they don’t fix it soon I might have to return it and go with a different company’s doorbell. And yes, I’ve tried resetting it, uninstalling reinstalling, making sure notifications are on, etc and it still doesn’t work.

So glad I found this community! Same problem here. Bought Ring Peephole through Amazon and installed on Christmas Day. I tripled-checked my schedule settings, then thought my wife was turning it off because the alerts bothered her. Turns out to be a defect. If Ring doesn’t fix with a software patch, I am returning through Amazon by 1/31/20.

I have the exact same problem. I don’t get my notifications, then I open my dashboard and notice my motion alerts have switched off. Frustrating!

Chris I did the same thing as you and it also won’t let me post my video. Sucks…