iOS live view

Door bell is set up and working, but will not show live view on iPhone or iPad keep getting activating device. Yet if I connect on my desktop pc which is on the same network, via Alexa show or the google app it works. Also if I switch off WiFi and just use cellular on my iPhone it works in about 12 seconds. What is going on is there a problem with iOS app. Signal strength is extremely good. Fed up with it.

Any help would be great

I noticed resetting and setting up the Ring 2 is a bit faster but not any closer to Floodlight cam. Is it just something we need to live with that the Live cam on the ring doorbell takes 4-6 seconds to load on a good day and 50% chance of it not loading at all?

Hey neighbors! Have you ever tried the Rapid Ring app? This app is designed for faster load times when trying to answer a notification or pull up the Live View, so let me know if using this app helps with this concern. :slight_smile:


I’ve tried the Rapid Ring App and it makes no difference still won’t load live view

I can only get live view if I’m using mobile data or any device that isn’t IOS. This doesn’t help as all our phones are IOS.

Hey @pjh. If you’re able to get the Live View when using mobile data, this could show the connection that your iOS device has to the Ring applications is not stable enough. Do you have a lot of traffic on your home wifi network that could be preventing the Live View from loading slowly when connected to wifi on your phone? In addition, what is the RSSI for your Ring device? Improving the RSSI for the device can also help with slow load times.

Hi, the RSSI is 54. All other devices except IOS work ok. Just tried a chrome book and works well. We have numerous devices on the network, why do other devices work except IOS.

@pjh It’s possible it could be some settings on your phone that are prohibiting the connection. You can try removing the app from your phone, restarting your phone and then reinstalling it. Also ensure that you have the most up to date iOS software on your phone as well, as this could be restricting it too. :slight_smile:


I have removed the app etc my iOS is up to date. Still can’t get live view to work

@pjh As you have mentioned that this is a concern on the iOS app specifically, but also on wifi as well (as you said mobile data seems to work on the iOS app), my assumption is that this may be with the wifi network connection on your phone, and not the network itself. What wifi network are you connected to on your phone? I recommend contacting your ISP in this event, as there may be a port or protocol that needs to be opened to allow the wifi to load a Live View (uploading live streaming is how you can generalize this for the ISP). It is odd since other devices on the same network seem to connect, but there may be something specifically with the iOS phone’s wifi connectivity that needs to be addressed.

If you find no relief in this, I am curious as to what iOS software you are on, as well as what iPhone you are on. I myself am on an iPhone 6s with iOS 13.3.1, and have no concerns with Live View whatsoever, even on this “older model” iOS device.