iOS application logging out


I’m just wondering if anyone else has had issues with their apps arbitrarily logging themselves out (silently)? Is there a way to make sure I get notified if the app logs itself out in the future?

I’ve missed a number of deliveries because it had silently failed - and effectively called someone a liar who’d insisted their delivery driver had used the doorbell.

Needless to say I’m unhappy with Ring just now.



Hi @JorvikDave. Do you have any 3rd party apps on your phone that could be causing the Ring app to log out after inactivity of you not using the app? How long do you go without using the app when you notice that it has logged you out? I recommend trying to remove the Ring app, restart your phone and the reinstall the app, as it should not be logging you out unless you manually are logging out of the app, or unless you are clearing the devices connected through the Control Center.