iOS 7.2.1 breaks Ring Live camera views

Since updating iOS 17.2.1 I can no longer get live views on my cameras. I tested an iPhone without the 17.2.1 update and it works fine. Anyone else experiencing this issue? Thanks.

Works fine on my iphone. Just updated to 17.2.1 last night.

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Thought to run a Reset Network Settings this morning and that fixed the problem. :partying_face:

After updating to iOS 17.2.1, Iā€™m still having problems with live views on my cameras. I tested it on an unupdated iPhone, and it works fine. Is anyone else in the same situation? I value insights. ThanksFm whatsapp

Hi @user69228. Are you having this issue on cellular data or WiFi? Do you have a VPN enabled? What app version is your Ring app?

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