iOS 16.3.1 IPhone 11 Ring App not working now

I have the latest Ring IPhone app on my IPhone 11 and it was working in the afternoon hour but now it is not working. If I have the to turn off the alarm I have to use the keypad on I should normally get an SMS on my iPhone show the alarm state change but that is not working now either.

I have deleted the reinstall the Ring app and also shutdown my iPhone. When I try to login to the Ring App or bring the website on my iPhone it does not work anymore. I have also tried resetting my password but it gives me an error on the iPhone Ring all or on the website on my iPhone.

I have a Google ChromeBook PC so I can at least I can get the statuses by logging into my ChromeBook but I do not have an Android cellphone.

So the Ring App on my iPhone started working at a 23:52 hours PDT

Hi @Tony617. Glad to hear this is working now.

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