Hello Everyone,
I’m new to your community and would like to say thanks for letting me join!! I apologize if my first question seems extremely elementary, but as I said I’m new. I’ve installed my Ring Video Doorbell 2(battery operated) and would like to know if the circular blue light is supposed to stay on all of the time or just when someone pushes it? One other question I have is how badly does the cold weather affect the doorbell? I live on the East Coast and we’ve been having some extremely cold temperatures lately, -5°F, and would like to ask if anyone has any advice about what I can do to keep the cold from damaging the doorbell? Thank you

Hi @user31791. Welcome to the Ring Community! You’re in the right place for a Doorbell-related question. When someone pushes the button on your Doorbell, you will see the circular LED light up blue. It won’t remain on all the time. You might also see this light on if your Doorbell is performing a firmware update, which may take about 10-15 minutes.

As for the cold weather, we have some information regarding how extremely cold weather affects battery powered Ring devices here. The Doorbell itself shouldn’t sustain any damage, as it is weather-resistant, but you may have trouble with the battery draining quickly or not operating properly with extremely cold weather. I hope this helps answer your questions!

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