Internet was out, now is back up but ring doorbell won't record or show live view

My internet was out this morning. I fixed that issue and it is back up, but now my ring doorbell will not record anything. It is showing operational and connected to the wifi in the app but won’t show live view or record. So I need to remove it and reboot it via the orange button and why can’t I reboot it from the app somehow when it loses the internet connection.

I’m no expert, but my 3 weeks of experience has been that if you can’t see a live view from the app you can/should disregard anything else the app tells you. It is all stale info at that point.

I would not take the doorbell of the wall. First I would reboot my router, then reboot whatever device the app is running on. Then I would go to the router’s device status page and confirm that the router sees your doorbell AND the device running the app. In my case the router reports the RSSI values for all my devices, including the doorbell.

Are you 100 % sure that your tablet/phone are connected to the network you think it is ? Is it using the same band (2.4/5.0) which the doorbell is ? Sometimes (and I don’t understand why) my tablet running the app connects to the 5.0 band when it needs the 2.4 band to communicate with the doorbell.


Thanks, I will have to take the doorbell off and reconnect it to wifi. It is very annoying that this can’t be done from the app only without having to remove the doorbell and press the orange button. I’m 100% positive the internet and the wifi are working as I work from home and have had no issues once I rebooted it all this morning.

and PS the router can’t see the doorbell so I have to reboot the doorbell.

I’m not sure it would work from the app, since the app isn’t having a decent conversation with your doorbell at the moment - but maybe they could make life a little easier by having a tiny little hole at the bottom of the doorbell, like on the back of many routers etc into which you would insert the tip of a paper clip… But - I suspect that any/most of the brains behind the Ring empire have cashed in their stock options and moved on.

In the 3 weeks I have owned my doorbell ver 2 the only time I have had to take it off the wall was when I changed the network. (And I have played with this doorbell tons).

As a test - can you move the router a little closer to the doorbell just for a moment ? Can you ‘turn off’ any other devices which your router does see at the moment (once again just as a test). I have two different routers (two different ISPs) and one router (the one given us by the Telco) is hardly ever used. I get better results with my Ring doorbell when that unused router is powered off. I get different results during the weekdays. On the weekends most of my neighbors come to visit/stay from working in the city during the week…

Thanks, it is pretty close already - just on the other side of the wall. I had this happen a few months ago and it ended up being the doorbell and they sent me a new one. So hopefully the reboot and reconnecting it will fix this issue. I will post what happens.

I had to call RING support and go through tier 1 and then tier 2. The second support technician was able to fix the issue, by rolling back and update and then re-updating it.

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