Internet signal

Since receiving my alarm other day my internet signal keeps dropping off so have to get up and reboot the modem-which is a pain in the behind.

This will happen several times a day whether the alarm is being used or not.

I would blame my internet provider usually but this is too much of a coincidence for me to ignore because beforehand the service was always 100% perfect.

Im in UK-Virgin Media is my provider and there are no faults reported.

Hey @Zeb1. You may need to make configurations to your network settings that allow the Ring Alarm Base Station to connect seamlessly without interruptions. There are 3 different ports that need to be open to allow the Base Station to stay connected, and without those open, this may be why you find you’re having to reboot your modem often. Please check out our Help Center Article here for more information on this. If this doesn’t help, I do recommend reaching out to your ISP to see what could be blocking traffic from going in and out of the modem and maybe isolate further why you find yourself constantly rebooting it. Let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:

How do i get to these? I contacted my ISP and they sent me a new hub as my old one was regarded as obsoloete at 5 years,but nothing has changed. My internet went off earlier when i disabled the alarm (from keypad) and had to reboot the hub again.

Where i the app or wherever do i access these controls???

@Zeb1 Are you referencing the ports and protocol controls? Your ISP will be the best channel to point you in the right direction for this, as depending on the system depends on how you can access these changes. I recommend reaching out to them again to ask this question, as they will be best equipped to point you in the right direction!

Just to be sure I understand. You say the internet goes off, you get a msg it is on cell backup untill you reboot the hub?

What is the Hub? The base sation? An ethernet switch, or your router?

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