Internal siren

can i use Zipato indoor siren [fleabay] with z wave to work with alarm, ive got it loaded onto the app as binary switch. if so please help.

Hi @Jasonn40. If you add a Z Wave device that is not certified by Ring to work with the Ring Alarm Base Station then most likely it will not work nor would we have steps to try and make it work. The Dome Siren is the only third party indoor siren that will work with the Ring Alarm. If you have Cameras you can also link them to the Alarm to sound their siren when the alarm is alarming. Alexa devices also have this ability.

will the dome siren work with the uk alarm if so where can i purchase

the above link does not work

@Jasonn40. The Dome Siren is not available in the UK, which is why the link is not working for you. If you are in the UK, when looking for information, I recommend using the UK Security System board as there are differences between the Ring Alarm System in the US and the Alarm in the UK.

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