Internal bell not working after Ring 2 install

I’ve just installed a Ring 2 doorbell for my father in law.

The battery was fully charged and the Ring doorbell is working fine.

Unfortunately the mechanical internal chime is no longer ringing.

Then I touch the 2 wires together, it works fine.

As soon as I connect the wires to the Ring doorbell and press the button, the internal bell no longer chimes.

When I installed the same doorbell at my own property I did not have this problem.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Hi @MisterH. I would make sure that you have mechanical chime kit selected in your Ring App. This can be done by selecting- Menu > Devices > (Ring Device) > Device Settings > General Settings > Internal Doorbell Settings. If you have Mechanical Chime selected, we’ll need to check and make sure your transformer is adequate. Once you locate your doorbell transformer, take a picture of the voltage rating and post it here so the community can take a look and see if it will work with your setup. You can also attach a photo of your chime kit so we can look that over as well!