Intermittent weak internet signal that went away after I cleared out some videos

I have had a wired floodlight cam for two+ years. Same internet provider, same router, same position in the house. This last week, I kept getting a “weak internet” signal, though nothing had been moved, It might show weak in the am, but ok in the pm or vice versa. This is a second home, so no one was wandering around messing with furniture.

After I deleted a bunch of videos ,I no longer get “weak internet” signal (am or pm). Mind you, this was maybe 20 30 sec videos collected over a two week period, which I don’t consider a lot, but perhaps Ring/Amazon does?

I am at the house this week and was trying to decide whether to leave well enough alone (since the problem has vanished) or just reboot in principle.

Anyone else experience this and/or have some insights to share?


Hi @Elsie. Deleting saved videos wouldn’t impact the connectivity on your Floodlight Cam. It was likely some temporary interference with the wifi signal, and I wouldn’t worry unless you experience any persistent connection issues. If you do, you can find some information on signal strength for Ring Doorbells and Cameras here.