Intermittent Notifications on OnePlus 7 Pro

I get very intermittent notifications on my phone when there is motion on either my

  • Ring Doorbell
  • Ring Security cams

My adult children have Samsung Galaxy Note 10’s and their phones go off every single time. Mine, it depends. It seems to resolve itself if I open the app, but it’s a temporary fix.

What I have tried:

  • Verifying alerts are toggled ON in my app
  • Clearing the data for the app
  • Verified I was on the latest version of the Ring app, Android, etc.
  • Uninstalling and reinstalling the app
  • Resetting my phone back to factory defaults (no settings carried over from old backups)
  • Verifying I didn’t have any of the apps Ring says conflict on my phone

I have an active security risk, which is why I bought Ring doorbells/cameras to cover 360 degrees around my house. Not getting notified of motion is a significant problem.

Any sugggestions?

It seemed to work fine until the past few months. An app change perhaps?

One plus 7T here. One plus has issues. Check these articles. They helped me.

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