Intermittent Motion detection

Running stick up cam through door chime pro attached to solar panel and camera has good charge. Per door chime pro, signal from router to chime is good and from chime to camera is good.

Stick up cam will detect person and send notification and record and then seems like it goes into a sleep mode. The camera will not detect any motion for about 2-3 minutes. I can walk around and wave my hands with no issue. Tried a second camera with the same results.

Motion detection settings verified multiple times.

App is up to date and firmware up to date.

Internet is through a xfinity branded gateway.

Live view works just fine when we turn it on.

Camera mounted about 7 feet high

Yes, Ring’s battery powered devices do “sleep”. Ring doesn’t provide any definitive information on how long a camera sleeps for before it is ready again to wake up for detected motion.
I bet it’s a strategy to maximize battery life.

Ring not recording, intermittent motion detection