Intermittent Contact Sensor?

I just installed a ring system with 24 contact sensors, 1 sensor doesn’t seem to work like the rest. If I open or close the window it doesn’t always recognize that it has been opened or closed and when it does it is much slower then the rest. I went into the advanced settings and tried to retry the connection and every time I receive a message that says “Something went wrong. We couldn’t seem to connect this Contact Sensor to your Alarm Base Station. Please try again.”. I think the sensor itself is recognizing that the window was opened because the blue light blinks but the app will not update saying the sensor is still open. My first thought was that maybe the sensor was too far away from the base so I tried switching it to a window much closer with no luck, the same problem! Anybody had this issue? Maybe a bad sensor?

If you have 23 out of 24 working. I don’t think it’s any other issue but a defective sensor. I’d call customer service and ask for a replacement.