Intermittent camera fails to record

I have 2 floodlight cams and a doorbell cam but it seems that not every motion is recorded even when there is a large motion.

My daughter came home last night and drove up the driveway (which 2 of the cams normally record) and into the garage. Neither camera recorded and stored that in the history. The cameras are working fine and have up to date firmware. They recorded my dog walking around the driveway this morning and cars coming and going thru the day yesterday. Wifi strength is good.

I have this same problem at my church. Where we KNOW that someone (often me) came into the building at a specific time but there is NO RECORDING. people coming and going before/after are recorded.

This is a security system - the recordings must be reliable! What’s up?

I have called support and they walked me thru the usual stuff of checking the firmware version and rebooting but I was not at home so we couldn’t test it. But I suspect the cam will work just fine when I test it since it does seem to record most activity - but not 100%!

Hi @DrZWave. One setting to check is the Motion Frequency. This determines the time that the camera “sleeps” in between recordings, to aid in battery life. Try setting the camera to “frequent” to make sure nothing is missed.

My Cameras are all line-powered and thus do not have the Motion Frequency option.
In the Advanced Motion settings menu, the only option is to setup a schedule.

Since this happens in multiple locations, this very much seems like a failure of the system and it seems to happen often enough to make the security system “unreliable”.

I’ve provided specific times/events on my systems. Is there any diagnostic data Ring can pull to see what the cause is?
When I test this now, it seems to work fine. But there are times that it clearly fails to record and it often seems to be at the most critical time!

Plus, the missing recordings are minutes or hours away from other recordings so changing the Motion Frequency wouldn’t do anything in this case.

Hi @DrZWave. The Ring Community is a public forum, so we do not have any access to account or device information. We can assist with general troubleshooting tips and tricks, but more advanced concerns require the help of our support team, as they can explore issues in more depth. I’d suggest following up with them if this happens again, as soon as you notice a potential motion was not detected.

I can’t speculate on exactly what might have caused a particular event to not be recorded. It could have been temporary wifi interference, but again that is just speculation based only on the information you’ve provided in your posts. If you haven’t done so already, another option is to review and adjust both your Motion Zones and the Motion Sensitivity slider. Sometimes it may take a few different adjustments to find the settings that work best for you.

There are a few other features that can help round out your system as well. If you have multiple devices at one location, you can use the Linked Devices feature to have motion detection on one Camera activate recording on another. You can also set up Snapshot Capture to take snapshot images at a certain interval. These snapshots can then be viewed on the Event History Timeline to help fill out the time between motions and Live Views.