Interior house chime works but ring doorbell does not activate or record

Ever since the update a few days ago my ring doorbell has gone on the fritz. On more than one occasion someone would ring the doorbell, and just the wired original door chime sounds. No alert for motion no recording.
I called ring support and spent a long time troubleshooting with a tech, until the point that he had me power down my router at which point the call was disconnected.

I call back and get another tech who stated that he would have the tech I was working with call me back. It’s 8 hours later and no return call. Ever since Amazon took this company over support has gone down hill. Totally fed up with Ring and will not be renewing my plus plan with them.
Back to the problem, device health shows everything to be good, yet live views also fail to come up, and I get no notification or recording when someone rings the doorbell.

Hopefully someone on here can give me better support than Ring has.

Sorry to hear about this experience @Clerk! It sounds like power is sufficient, or the battery is fully charged, and our support team looks to have gone over wifi troubleshooting with you. I recommend removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device. Please also ensure bluetooth and VPN is disabled, as well as closing other apps that might interfere. Test video connection from your app on wifi only, as well as on data only to see if one connection might be stronger than the other.

Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

App was removed and reinstalled., what irritates me is not getting the support call back as promised. All the steps you mentioned were done with the rep and he was going into something else when call was dropped when I called back they said the rep would be calling me back 2 days later still waiting on that call. They should fire that tech giving ring support a bad name

@Clerk I’m sorry to hear that this was your experience. This is not at all what we plan to have your experience be here with us at Ring. I will make sure to take a look into your account, as long as it’s attached to the email address you use for Community and Ring, and follow up with the call you had previously accordingly, so the feedback to passed through to the appropriate management channels.

In addition, if you are still having this concern, it sounds like you were supposed to be getting a callback from our Level 2 Advanced Support. I recommend to call back, please relay your previous experience, and request to speak to this level 2 support so you can have your devices back up and running as they should in no time! :slight_smile: