Interference between z-wave and wifi devices

I just installed a Ring alarm system and immediately noticed that my wifi is much slower than before. The wifi router is a Netgear Nighthawk model, and I already had a netgear wifi extender set up in the network. After trying a bunch of different stuff to improve the wifi speed, I unplugged the Ring alarm range extender and my wifi took off (ie its fast again). Are there known issues between the alarm/zwave/extender and wifi (especially netgear routers) ? Any settings I can change in either system to make sure that there is little to no interference? Thx

From a technical persepctive, Ring alarm uses Z-Wave which operates on the 800-900MHz radio frequency range . . . no where near wifi. I hear what you are saying, but in theory there should be no interference. Gotta be something else going on.