Interesting Video Recordings

Hi All, I’ve just witnessed a strange event which involved a car stopping in view of my camera and someone leaving their car walking up to my neighbours vehicle, strangely touching it and then getting back into their car. My 30 sec video doesn’t catch the car coming into view or leaving and I’m wondering if there is anyway to extend the view beyond the recording. Or does the camera record only during the time from when motion is detected for the 30 secs

Hi @Smbhoy. Your Ring Camera doesn’t record continuously, it will record for a set duration when motion is detected or when you activate the Live View, so you won’t be able to see any additional footage outside of what you saw. However, you can adjust the Video Recording Length for when your Camera detects motion. If you have a battery powered Camera, you can find steps here, and if you have a hardwired Camera, you can find steps here. I hope this information is helpful! :slight_smile:

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