intercom compatibility


i am trying to connect a ring pro to an old intercom system (m&s systems model number MC111M)

i dont need the intercom system to be functional between rooms and outside, only for the ring pro to be hardwired and that it can use the internal chimes of the intercoms

i front outside has 4 wires coming out ( 2 for the button and 2 for the speaker)

all the wires run into the basement where it is connected to a plug in transformer

any ideas on how to wire this correctly? is it even possible with the intercom system that i have? or do i need to buy ring plug in chimes?

Glad you asked @raskoosk657! In many cases, intercom systems are not compatible with the Video Doorbell Pro due to their advanced wiring configurations and commonly being DC powered, rather than AC powered. Check out our Chime Compatibility List for info on compatible chime kits.

As you stated, our Chime is another great solution. Keep in mind, the Doorbell Pro requires 16-24 VAC to operate. There are times where you may have to bypass a chime kit. If so, here’s our help center article with instructions on how to do this. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: