Integrating Alarm Retrofit Kit into Existing Wiring

Hi, curious if anyone has ideas for me. Have a house that’s wired on ~16 windows/doors around the house. I had an ADT system installed when we moved here in 2014. Decided to switch to the Ring Alarm when it first came out. Works well - I love it. However, when they released the retrofit kit, I decided it might be good to leverage the wiring. However, I’ve only been able to get 3 of the zones working, including only 1 of 6 doors. Had no issues with the wiring when I had the ADT system, so no logical explanation for why I can’t get the retrofit kit to recognize those zones. Yes, I can alway just leave the wireless sensors on the doors so it’s not a life or death thing by any stretch.


Make sure you follow each step for each zone to confirm the signal via wired sensor connection. After my first 3 zones were configured, I couldnt get my wired slider to work. Realised I had to open then close the slider for it to register in the retro module.

Also, be certain the resistor is removed from the wired sensor. It can not be anywhere in the wiring leading into the module.

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