Integrate Smart Plugs with Ring Alarm

I have recently installed Ring Alarm.

I have two specific existing light features that I want on when we leave and turn off when we return.

Currently I use Alexa Routine to turn Alexa enabled smart plugs controlling those on and off by voice when leaving or returning

I would prefer that I could turn them on by Arming Away and turn off when Disarming the Ring Alarm System

I am willing to get Ring enabled smart plugs (like the leviton decora smart plug-in outlet) if the Ring Alarm system could turn on and off on Away and Disarm actions.

I called Ring Community Services, and they said that the system could currently not do that at this time.

**If that is correct - I request a feature enhancement to allow control on the various Arming/disarming modes to take action to turn things on and off - at least Ring enabled or works with Ring devices. **

Ideally as more integration with Alexa occurs - it would be nice to turn Alexa devices on and off or run Alexa Routines - however, that requires alot more Alexa device knowledge shared and managed with Ring.


Hey @RGR! Smart plugs that are compatible with Alarm, or Works With Ring, will have an option in the Ring app to turn on/off. At this time they are not able to be automated with a mode specifically, but, as you know, can be integrated with Alexa.

Thank you for sharing your use case and feedback, I’ll definitely share this with the team. Feel free to share more feature requests anytime, in the Alarm feature request thread. :slight_smile:

Did you ever get a response back on your request? This is exactly the issue I’m having and I chatted with RING and got the same response. 2/3/2020. I mentioned that this is such a SIMPLE software adjustment. Why can I not control an outlet for a light when arming and disarming…I would pay for their outlet at twice the cost if I could get this control…ugh

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