Installing with existing Doorbell - SOLUTION!

I just replaced my doorbell with a new ring doorbell since I killed my oud one with the powerwasher. When I installed the new gen 2 i discovered that the diode was no longer required so i left it off. The Ring would chime when I pushed the button but my indoor chime would not work. There was nothing in the instructions about this situation so i checked the app. I’mnot sure where in the app I found it, but there was an option to select if the indoor chime should work with the button or not. I selected yes and the chime now works. I’m posting this because it was not in the instructions and it should be so people know about this option.

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I cannot find anyplace in the settings of our Ring 2 to set the inside chime to work. I know the chime works because I can close the wires off the Ring and it chimes. Connect the Ring and it does not ring when the doorbell button is pressed. I am sure it is in the setup somewhere because it did work but I had to reset the Ring and it has stopped.

Hi @amhanse4! From the dashboard in your Ring app open the Menu, select Devices, select your Doorbell 2, and then select the Device Settings tile. In your device settings there should be an In-home Chime option, which will allow you to select your chime type. If this is not the case, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: