Installing Video Doorbell Wired and Video Doorbell Pro

I have Pro and Wired doorbells, and plan to install soon. I was confused by the wiring diagram for one Pro and one wired doorbell. I am comfortable installing the Pro Power Kit for the Pro, but why does this diagram not show a jumper cable for the Wired unit? Is this just an outdated picture?

I assume installing the Pro Power Kit from Back to Trans and the jumper cable from Front to Trans would be correct?

Bumping because I really need to know this answer. Is there any additional information I can provide?

Hi @tjc5. I have checked with my team and confirmed that you will need to install the Jumper Cable when installing one Pro and one Doorbell Wired. The Jumper Cable will need to go on the trans and rear terminals if the Doorbell Wired is being installed in the rear. The Pro Power Kit will go on the trans and front terminals if the Pro is going to be installed in the front. The schematic you have shared is for the battery-operated Doorbell, not the Wired version. I hope this helps.

Thank you so much, Justin! I was beginning to give up hope on receiving an answer but this was very reassuring.

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@tjc5. Iā€™m glad the information I provided was helpful enough for you to continue your Doorbell installation. :slightly_smiling_face:

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