Installing ring video door bell pro

Our current doorbell is a door answering system (doorbell fon). When doorbell is pushed it rings our house phone and you can talk to that person (90s house). We are trying to install the ring pro power kit. Can this be installed directing to box for the doorbell fon? It has + - wires coming from doorbell. Can it be installed there? There is no inside chime. Thank you

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I have the same Door Fon and was wondering if it was safe to use hardwire my Ring.

Hi @user3971. What Ring Doorbell are you trying to install? Most intercom systems are not compatible with Ring Doorbells. You can find our chime kit compatibility lists in our Help Center here, and you’ll want to look at the one that corresponds to the model of Ring Doorbell you have. You can find which model you have on the original packaging, the back of the Doorbell itself, or on the Device Health page in the Ring App if it’s set up already.