Installing Ring Doorbell on uPVC door

I’d like to install my Ring Doorbell 2 but I have a uPVC door and frame. Is this possible and if so, how?


Hey @Yasin_ismail. I’ve seen some neighbors install the Doorbell on the wall that is right beside the door/frame. They will do this because the door frame is not large enough to fit the Doorbell completely. Do you have any room on the side where you could drill holes into the wall for the Doorbell go? Some neighbors across the global have their existing doorbells on the wall beside the doors to their home, so no worries on the look! :smiley_cat:

I have the same issue, please see my door. Do you think I could mount it on the white concrete wall to the left of where the letterbox is? Or could I use double sided outdoor use sticking tape?

Hey @Weapon90. I saw your other post but happy to help out here since it’s the same question! You can definitely use double sides sticky tape (strong and for outdoors)! While it’s not something we recommend as an official installation, I’ve seen it and my own mom has done it. She lives in an apartment home that doesn’t allow her to drill in walls, and has the Doorbell 2. She used three command 3M Velcro Strips on the back of the Doorbell so it could easily stick to the glass and be installed properly. It has held well, as far as I know! :joy_cat: No reports of it falling, and since it’s the Velcro Strips, she says it’s easy for her to take it down if she needs to get the battery out, or what have you. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Bought the ring 2 today…I have small upvc conservatory outside front door…when connecting at side of front door to upvc frame the ring phone will not connect at all…works on old inner door but not outer…however ring will work on nearby outer brick wall…appears upvc frame affects the ring doorbell…to consider if thinking of similar installation.

Not sure about Velcro strips - it’d also be easy for someone to steal the doorbell!

So is it not recommended to drill into uPVC? My front door and ALL surrounds are uPVC, so i either need to drill into it or use some kind of adhesive i guess.
Any suggestions?

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I have just installed a Ring Doorbell Gen 2 on my Brick Wall next to my UPVC Front Door but sometimes the WiFi is a bit hit & miss,I have just ordered a no drill mount and was thinking of placing it direct on to my UPVC door ?? Do yo think this would help as I am thinking the old solid brick won’t be helping my WiFi

I’d be interested in what you decided to do as I’m in exactly the same position.

UPVC door frame and no usable brick wall next to it (see attached).

The toss up is between sticking it to the door frame or using self tapping screws. Either way I’d like to make it as least stealable as possible.

Any suggestions?

Hi Guys

I installed our Ring doorbell to our uPVC frame. We have a porch around the front door so had no choice. It was a bit of a tight fit but it fit. I screwed directly into the frame. I couldn’t use to long a screw as they would have gone through into the closed door on the one side, but it fitted fine and secure!

I hope that helps!