Installing outdoor contact sensor in windy area

I have an outdoor contact sensor on a double door gate. One is staked into the ground typically. On very windy days, both gates get pushed just enough to cause the sensor to think that the gate is open. I have the sensors installed near the top of the gates as the gap at the bottom was quite large and I did not want the sensors accidentally damaged by a mower. Does anyone have a suggestion for eliminating this issue? The wind typically is blowing the gates past closed, not in the opening direction. Thank you

Hi @Steve333. It sounds like the best option would be to attach something to the gates to make them more secure and less susceptible to the wind. Alternatively, if you can attach something to the gate to allow the magnet to be closer to the Contact Sensor, this could mitigate unwanted activations.

Thank you, I was thinking of buying some rare earth magnets to attach to the magnet (and reduce the gap between the magnet and the contact sensor). Do you see any issues with that idea?

Hi @Steve333. I’m unsure if using rare earth magnets with interfere with the Contact Sensor operation. With that being said, I would suggest a piece of wood or some type of plastic bracket that you can get from a local hardware store.