Installing on Aluminum Siding

Does anyone have any tips on installing the camera on aluminum siding? Not using the stick-up install but a more permanent install.

Hey @PRosenbluth. Happy to help chime in, and see if I can get you a good recommendation! To confirm, could you share a picture of where you would like to install the device, as well as the device you are installing?

Thanks for getting back to me but I just went ahead and installed it already. So far it’s working fine and I’m very happy with my purchase.

Thanks again.

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@PRosenbluth Awesome news! Do you mind sharing a picture of how you installed it, as well as any tips and tricks you may have for neighbors (anything you ran into during setup)? This would be great to share in the thread for any other neighbors that have this concern and find your thread in the future. :slight_smile:

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I just got my spotlight today and need to install on aluminum siding. Any tips are apprecIated!!

I would recommend 2 people to install. One to hold it in place while the other checks the view to make sure it’s where you want it. It seems obvious, but I tried installing it on my own and thought I had it where I wanted it. Turns out it had to be moved and that, of course, left holes in the siding. I wish there was a temporary install feature (Command adhesive or such) so you could move it around before the final install. Otherwise, I used the mfg. install instructions and it went up very easy…2 times.

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