Installing floodlightcam - UK socket


I am considering buying a Ring Floodlight Camera (link below), but don’t have an existing external light fixture/power.

To get this set-up, would it be as simple as connecting the light fixture wiring to an extension cable, with a standard plug on the end? I’m planning to drill a hole through the wall to to the outside of the property, feed the wire through and plug internally (ensuring there is a good seal around the wiring entering the property).

The reviews/instructions that I have found seem to suggest requiring a junction box, but those are U.S installs so not sure if that is still required…

Thanks all

Good question @lincoln789! The UK Floodlight cam doesn’t require a junction box and no junction box is necessary.

The Floodlight Cam unit itself comes with a transformer and a back plate that makes the unit water-resistant, and it’s installed flush onto the wall. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: