Installing Doorbell Wired and Doorbell 4 together

I have 2 doorbells. Front and back. I have a Ring 4 and a Ring wired
video doorbell 4 Model #B08JNR77QY
Video doorbell wired #B08CKHPP52
Ring Chime Model #B09L45VFCN Quantity 2

I have an existing mechanical door chime

Question 1.
Do I have to install 2 jumpers on my existing mechanical chime. 1 from front > trans and 1 from rear to trans?
Question 2. I want to bypass my existing chime and user the 2 Ring Chimes I’ve purchased. Does that mean I do not use the jumpers?

Three calls to support. Nobody can answer this question.

Hi @Sabina96. Each Ring Doorbell model has differing installation instructions and requirements. Only the Video Doorbell Wired utilizes a jumper cable in the installation. The installation instructions can be located here. The Video Doorbell Wired won’t ring your internal chime kit, so there is no additional step needed to bypass the chime. The jumper cable still needs to be installed.

For the Video Doorbell 4, you would disconnect the doorbell wires from the chime kit and twist them together to close the circuit and bypass the chime kit. Make sure you only disconnect the wires that lead to the Doorbell 4, and leave the wires leading to the Video Doorbell Wired connected with the jumper cable. Then in the Ring app under the Doorbell 4 > Device Settings > In-Home Chime Settings > Advanced Settings > Chime Type, set this to “None”. I hope this helps.

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