Installing Alarm Security Kit

I’m trying to install this alarm kit, there are two keypads but in the app the installation only walks me through one. If you link one keypad does it automatically link the second one?

Hey @Solaris. When you first set up your Ring Alarm system, it should have a couple of the devices, such as the Motion Detector, Contact Sensor, Keypad and Range Extender, automatically show up as a kitted device. These device will give you an easy walk through in the app to connect them directly to your Base Station without having to scan them in. If you look on the back of your Keypads, you will see a QR code on the back with a 5 digit number. This 5 digit number will make the number that the Keypad shows up as in the kitted devices.

The “kitted” Keypad will be the Keypad you set up first and through the app. Once the kitted devices are set up, you can grab the other Keypad, along with any other Ring Alarm Devices you need to set up, and set them up manually in the app by going into the main menu and tapping on Set Up a Device. After tapping on this and Security Devices, the app will walk you through adding your second Keypad, as well as any other devices, one at a time. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns with the setup! :slight_smile: