Installing a second video doorbell wired - jumper cable?

Do I need to install a separate jumper cable if I am installing a second ring video doorbell wired in the existing old doorbell system? I have one jumper cable connected to the transformer and “front”. Do I add a separate cable to the “back”. Hoping it’s this simple. :slight_smile:

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The Jumper cable will simply disable the chime kit to provide power to the connected terminal. Adding a second cable to your rear terminal on the chime kit should also provide power there. Alternatively, you can power the second Video Doorbell Wired with a Plug-In Adapter (2nd Generation). :slight_smile:

If I remove the jumper wire does that mean the video pro doorbell will not get power or not get enough? I have a 16vAC 30VA transformer

Hi @Ndelviii. The Ring Pro does not use a Jumper. It uses the Pro Power Kit. This must be installed to use the Ring Pro, as it helps regulate the power.

I have a Ring Pro with a Pro power kit. I want to install a second ring on another entry door but how do I do that if I already have a Pro power kit on my existing chime?

Hi @KarmaKamper. This Help Center article here has wiring diagrams for multiple Doorbell circuits.