Installing a Ring floodlight camera WITH junction box

I’m looking to fit a Ring Floodlight Camera - hardwired - either the pro or plus model in my back garden. We have an existing cable already wired next to our back door if we want to fit a light. I was going to run the existing cable through some conduit externally so it will fit above the door. The issue I have is the ring device itself doesn’t allow for the hardwire to enter from the side, it has to enter from the back which then sits flush to the way. On the ring website it says to use a 4-inch round waterproof junction box. On the ring website in the videos demonstrating installation, it shows a junction box but they do not sell them. I’ve spoken to ring customer support who are not able to recommend a junction box. I’ve looked online at universal junction boxes and a lot of the reviews of people who have used them with ring devices all share they had to force the fit. Just wondered if anyone had fitted any and could recommend a junction box which was a clean fit with the ring devices, specifically the ring floodlight camera unit?

As the Floodlight Camera uses high voltage to operate, we recommend consulting with a qualified electrician for proper installation, especially if the wires are not fitting or running to the Camera properly. Check out our installation Help Center article for more tips! :slight_smile:


Ring didn’t answer the question. This is a typical question from many customers. We, the customer purchase our own junction box as stated, now kindly explain how your five inch floodlight mount can fit with the 4 inch round external Junction box. We’re waiting.

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Hi Fraser
I installed on a existing junction box (guessing it is 4”). Given the plastic plate is supported by just one screw and the bottom portion of the flood light doesn’t sit on junction box (because it is bigger than the junction box), it sags which creates a gap in the upper half (between box and plastic base) which is an issue given it is exposed to elements. I wonder if anyone has tried with 4.75” junction box.

I am also wondering about this. I haven’t read the instructions though. Will update if I learn more. 4.75” might be nice based on just what I see here.

Did you ever find a solution to this, Frazer? I have the same issue