Installing a Ring 2 doorbell and chime: my experience

So, I bought a Ring 2 doorbell and chime at the end of November and tried to install it to my BT hub.

Battery in, press the small button for the flashing white light. In the app, this was as far as I could get. Every time I would get a brief flash of " … is talking to your phone" followed by the failed message. I could see the ring connection in my wifi and was connected, but my home wifi showed disconnected. It just wouldn’t work.

I tried everything, switching off 5G, resetting the device, resetting my router, making sure 2G was between channels 1-11, with no success. I looked up every YouTube video and forum. Nothing helped, slowly going insane.

So, I brought a new modem router TP Link 1600. Every other smart device in my house, tablets, phones, TV, smart plugs etc. switched over without any problem. Ring? No way.

In desperation I contacted the Customer Support team, but after over an hour of troubleshooting still no success, only other action was to switch off bluetooth on my phone and try again - no joy.

So I took it back yesterday and in the shop said if they could give me a replacement, I would give it one more try, so they did.

Tried again today, with my bluetooth on and making sure I had a reasonable phone signal.

Ring succesfully installed! So, I probably had a faulty one all along.

Don’t give up and dont let the Ring system grind you down. You are not alone.

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