Installing 2 Ring Floodlight Cams?

I’m thinking of getting Floodlight Cam(s) for the front of my house, i.e. looking over the driveway and out to a street.

Instead of one exterior light fixture in the middle, my house has two light fixtures, one on either side of the garage (with two single garage doors) as shown by the ASCII art below where LF denotes the Left light Fixture while RF Right light Fixture.

my garage neighbour’s

±--------I---------+ ±----------------+
| I | | |
| car I car | | car car |

Here is my dilemma, if I replace only one light fixture, that would be aesthetically unsound. As such, I’m thinking of replacing both of them which seems to be an over-kill. What concerns me is whether this arrangement of having two Floodlight Cams, about 16 feet apart, have any adverse effect on their operations.

Hey @tequilasunrise. There shouldn’t be any concern with installing two Floodlight Cams for your home. You will want to consider how many devices are currently connected to your home network to ensure your wifi bandwidth is stable enough to handle any additions, but otherwise, should be fine! Feel free to read up on the Floodlight Cam here for more information on speeds required.

Thanks, Chelsea!

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