Installers for Ring Access Controller Pro?

Hello -

I live in a place where 2 homes are behind a single gate in front of the driveway. It appears that the Access Controller Pro could work for our setup but I had a few questions about how it works, and also who could install it.

I called their support line but the rep wasn’t really able to answer any of my questions or suggest any installers. Does anyone know how/where to find folks who have installed these? We live in the SF Bay Area in case it helps. Thanks!

Hi @hebs. You may find our Help Center Article on the Access Controller Pro, located here, helpful in answering some of your questions. When it comes to installing the Ring Access Controller Pro, please reach out to your original access control system installer or a trusted local technician for support. If you have questions regarding the installation, please call +1 (888) 255-1041 Monday through Sunday 6 AM - 7 PM PST. You can find that contact information listed in the article I linked as well. I hope this helps out! :slight_smile:

Hi Caitlyn, my original installer doesn’t have experience with these so cannot help. This was why I am looking for folks who have installed them. What do you advise if the original installer can’t help? To avoid having to call too many others I was hoping to solicit some advice from ring or fellow community members on folks who have experience with these in the Bay Area. Any other suggestions?