Installed new Ring Doorbell 3. Now none of my 3 device's history video will play????

The 3 install went smooth. Video of my hands displayed in Activity history - but after all was done - lookinf at Activy History for the 3 and otgher doorbell and flood light cam - the history item is listed but tapping on it does nothing for any of the 3 devices!?

Hey @Hotkey. I would recommend to try to remove the Ring app from the device this is happening on, reboot said device by turning it off and on and then reinstall the Ring app. From there, see if it’s working as it should. If you still run into this concern, could you please capture a screen recording of what you are trying to do? :slight_smile:

I read on my app where Ring had downtime issues a day or two. Maybe thats the issue.

SO…now let me ask - are you doing PHONE support to values customers? I installed a new Ring 3 Dooorbell and although I pick up every car that goes by, it consistently misses the mail delivery which is right in front of the device.

I seriously need some help getting these things to work correctly - or I’m dumping all 3 and buying another product.

@Hotkey Our phone support is still available at this time! I recommend to reach out to them so you can get your device operating as expected. You can give them a call at any of the numbers available here.