Installed multiple ring devices under different email addresses and now can't sign up for one Ring protect account

My wife and I recently purchased 3 Ring cameras and the Ring alarm system. To save time we decided to tag team on the installation. I installed the wired cameras and she installed the security system. Unfortunately, we didn’t coordinate who’s email address to use. So I used mine for cameras and she used hers for alarm system. Now our trial is ending and I was unable to sign up for the complete Ring protect plan for both alarm and cameras. It wants me to pay 2 different subscriptions. It looks like the only way to fix this, is to have my wife remove security system from her account. Is there anyway to combine accounts for Ring protect without removing alarm from wifes account and adding it to mine?

Hi @Cxsfissure. Ring accounts cannot be combined. In this case, I would suggest moving the Cameras over to your wife’s account since she already has the Alarm system set up. When you remove the Alarm system from a Ring account, you have to remove each of the sensors and the Base Station. For the Cameras, you can easily remove them from your account under Device Settings > General Settings. After that’s done, complete a new setup under her account to have the Alarm and Cameras all under the same account.

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