Happy Thanksgiving!

I am going to be installing a Ring Pro. And have a few questions. Here is my setup.

I am not going to use my existing chime.

I am going to have one Ring on my front door and back door.

I am going to use 2 separate transformers to simplify wiring.

Q1 - I assume that the Power pack separates the mechanical chime selenoid from the ring system so that the solenoid is not pulling current at all times and overheating the transformer. Is this true?

Q2 - If so, do I need a Power kit to power the ring directly from the transformer?

Q3 - Does the App handle 2 separte Pro’s and alert you if either detects motion?

Thanks, go Browns!!!

Great questions @PaulObo! For the setup you are going for the Pro Power Kit will still be needed as a fuse between the transformer and Doorbell Pro. As you might not be using and internal chime kit, here is ourhelp center article on bypassing a chime kit, or wiring directly to a tranformer. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: