Installation questions - pro2 doorbell

Hello my friends, I got a brand new pro2 doorbell and I want to make sure I install it correctly so please allow me to ask a question:

First, instructions say to install the Pro Power Kit v3 to the chime. Well, my chime is not one of the boxes that sticks out into the hallway, it’s actually behind a plate inside and flush with the wall. The space is VERY cramped. But can I do this instead?

In a little cabinet right next to the front door is this scene. The wire going to the top left is going to the door, like 3 feet away. The wire to the right I assume is going to the chime which is like 50 feet away. The confusing part to me is that the wires are kinda spliced and twisted all up. Would it be ok to connect the power pack right to the transformer? Or somehow otherwise splice it into some of these wires?

I know I could pay someone like $100 to come do this but I like to learn, if some of you kind folks would help me out a little. Thank you!

Anybody from Ring able to help?

Hi @Enormo. The Pro Power Kit needs to be installed on the chime kit terminals and is not meant to be installed onto the transformer. The only installation instructions for the Doorbell Pro 2 we can advise are listed in our Help Center article here. Other neighbors with a similar chime kit may comment with their experience, otherwise I would recommend consulting with a qualified electrician to make sure your Doorbell and the Pro Power Kit are safely installed.