Installation question: I have power at the doorbell, but I have no inside chime

Not sure how to handle this, the previous owner of my home installed a different doorbell and chime, which were battery powered and did not run off the installed electrical wires. The wires for the doorbell are accessible, but the wires for the inside chime have been spackled over and hidden somewhere inside the inside wall. I just purchased a new Ring Pro 2, can I just connect it to the existing wires at the front door without attaching the Pro Power Kit to a chime I don’t have? Any help appreciated.

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I had a similar challenge when we purchased our home. Previous owner tried installing a Power Kit in the chime box to power a Gen I Ring battery operated doorbell. I installed our Pro to the existing wires and it failed miserably as the existing transformer was insufficient. Pumped up to a 16 V (I think). Ran smoothly for a couple weeks until it fried one of the chime boxes. Well, “fried” is a bit much…the cover had discolored on the interior. Ended up purchasing a device that wires directly to the transformer to tamp the voltage down. I’m sorry, I forget the name of it but it is a Ring device. Regardless, worked perfectly after that. I’d suggest looking at your existing transformer first. Possibly replacing and purchasing the gadget that wires directly to the transformer. This will ensure you will receive proper voltage. If not, you’ll lose connectivity or other features won’t perform correctly. I just replaced our Pro with 3 Plus (installing a storm door) and couldn’t go hard wired. Be careful with hard wiring battery operated doorbells. They’re counterintuitive. You’d think the battery is for backup when electricity is off. Don’t think that’s the case. The bell runs off the battery and the wiring “trickle charges.” Once the battery hits a certain percentage of loss, the electricity minimally recharges. Honestly, I can’t stand the 3 Plus coming from the Pro. The Pro had the horsepower via wiring to work seamlessly. The battery operated Rings (irrespective of model) just don’t have enough power. Your forced with limiting the features to conserve battery power. Don’t get me started on the Ring 3 Plus Solar Charger. That installed also and my hopes dwindle by the day. Go wired if you can with a Pro. Understand it’s more expensive, but you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache.