Installation of new Floodlight Wired Cam under overhang or eve

We rec’d a new camera and floodlight I was told it is a new model , as it does not have the adjustment screws used to position the lights. When installed according to instructions and videos, the shield for the lights is actually at the bottom. The lights will not turn 360 so it is not possible to get the shield above the light as shown in instructions. Online support cannot seem to solve this. Has this been experienced by others?

Hi @tjsmithone. Installation can be tricky! This Help Center article here is designed to help with installation. If this doesn’t help, try uploading a picture or video of the issue you are running into so the Community can better assist.

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Loosen the nuts that hold the lights, make sure that you unscrew them enough, gently push the lights inward and rotate.
This should allow you to position the shield above the light instead of below.