Installation during construction of a house

I’m having a house constructed and am planning on having the electrician install Ring floodlight cameras that I provide. (While I know I could install the cameras myself on boxes the electrician provides, having the electrician install the cameras allows me to avoid the challenge of reaching the elevated locations where the cameras will be installed.)

Is there any easy and secure way to have the electrician install the cameras and then for me later to register the cameras with the app, connect to wifi, etc.? I would have concerns about leaving the camera in a set up mode for the long period of time between when it will be installed and when the house will be completed. Note that there will not be wifi at the house when the electrician installs the camera.

Or, do I need to establish my new wifi hotspot in advance at another location, power up the cameras, follow the setup process, and then give the cameras to the electrician for installation?


Hey @st1. You can definitely have the electrician install the devices for you, and ensure they power on and go into setup mode, but then later set them up in your app. Please note that you will need to get on a ladder to get up to the top of the device, press the setup button, and then set them up in your app when this time comes, as this button must be pressed. Although, if this seems ok with you, then do it that way! As long as the electrician can install the devices, press the setup button themselves to ensure it goes into setup mode, you should be fine. While the device will enter set up mode, this mode times out and turns off after 10 minutes. This will ensure the device is functioning as it should so the setup process is easy for you! :slight_smile: