can ring be mounted horizontally?

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Yes it can. I have mounted one of my Ring cameras horizontally to fit the space I have. It will work fine, but . . .

  1. The images will be sidways when you view them.

  2. The motion detect zones will be horizontal as well, not vertical, so the zones will look different. Thinner and higher, as opposed to wide view.

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It’s great to see our neighbors use creative solutions for what they see best fit for their environment! That being said, do keep in mind that there are mounting and height requirements on many of our devices. Be sure to check out our Community post about how motion works to get a visual and guide for intended use.

Of course, every environment varies so we understand the need for customization and tailoring to the area. If your device does not operate optimally, do remember to refer to our help center articles to learn about the intended use. :slight_smile: