Install spotlight camera on balcony

Hi- I would like to install a spotlight camera on the balcony of a condo that is on the first floor. How should I do that so when I am in the balcony, I don’t set it off?

Hi @CAS5. First, I’d recommend taking a look at our Help Center Article here, which will cover the proper positioning for our Spotlight Camera Battery. This will give you a better idea of what to expect when installing it, so you can figure out where you may want to place it on your balcony. There are also several options feature-wise that you can make use of once you have it installed. For example, you can use the Motion Snooze feature to temporarily snooze motion alerts when you’re sitting out on your balcony. Then when you’re done, you can turn the snooze off that way you’re then notified again if there is any motion on the balcony. I hope this information helps out! :slight_smile:

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